Beer Hacks for National Beer Day

Planning for holidays can be stressful. Not National Beer Day. Allow us to introduce the one day of the year when your biggest concern should be how to treat yourself, and maybe some friends, to a beer. If that mission doesn’t sound simple enough, here are a few useful beer hacks to ensure you make the most of the holiday.

Chilling Hot Beer in Minutes

You found your favorite beer at the store, but it hasn’t been chilled yet. Stay calm and let science do the work. All you need is a bucket, some ice, some tap water and lots of salt. Stir these together to create a nice and icy beer bath. The key ingredient, salt, lowers the water’s freezing point to get your beer cold in a jiffy.

Store beer bottles in fridge using a binder clip

Having a tough time keeping beer or other beverages stacked neatly in your refrigerator but confined to a space you prefer? Worry not—it’s binder clips to the rescue.


Opening a Beer With Almost Anything

You finally get your hands on a cold one, but there’s no bottle opener in sight. Classic. Luckily, you can open a beer bottle with a spoon, keys or pretty much anything else that can act as a lever in your grip. See below for how it’s done.

Pouring Draught Beer Like a Bartender

Here’s a trick for when you have access to a tap. With a little technique, your friends will swear you work at a bar. Begin by holding the glass at a 45 degree angle and let the beer hit the side of the glass. Then, as the beer nears the top third of the glass, straighten it upright and finish your pour in the center to create a nice ½ to one full inch collar of foam.

Quickly chill your drink by wrapping a wet paper towel around the bottle and leaving in fridge for 15 minutes.

Enjoying Beer Tastefully

At last – the beer is in the glass. But do you know which ways to enjoy it best? It’s important to engage a couple of other senses before taking a sip: the beer’s appearance and its aroma. Observing how light or dark the beer is, its clarity, or the amount of bubbles and foaminess it has are helpful clues to judge its flavor profile. Since smell is so closely linked to taste, it’s also important to inhale the bouquet of the beer, which is just a fancy term for the collection of different ingredient aromas.

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