88 youtube tutorials

YouTube is the place to go to find music videos and stupid stunts among other things but did you know that you can find great tutorials as well?

  1. How to print your own T-shirt: http://bit.ly/159Hpi
  2. How to speed read: http://bit.ly/2FRRi
  3. How to look like @ladygaga: http://bit.ly/Rb9pv
  4. How to tie a tie: http://bit.ly/JXHZo
  5. How to make fresh pasta: http://bit.ly/TeKAS
  6. How to make fire without matches or a lighter: http://bit.ly/pSyZw
  7. How to open a beer with a pen: http://bit.ly/2usCi1
  8. How to knit: http://bit.ly/16oQBg
  9. How to cut your own bangs: http://bit.ly/Ib3pq
  10. How to make ice cream in a bag (preschool edition): http://bit.ly/X8s65
  11. How to do a banana kick: http://bit.ly/1JJT0f
  12. How to count to 20 in Japanese: http://bit.ly/4gCv3q
  13. How to peel a melon: http://bit.ly/BmXlB
  14. How to get better mileage: http://bit.ly/2zdzm
  15. How to create perfect red lips: http://bit.ly/15sezH
  16. How to escape from handcuffs: http://bit.ly/jHQPr
  17. How to flirt like a pro: http://bit.ly/2Rv5Zm
  18. How to surf: http://bit.ly/Ga8Dk
  19. How to train your dog to stay: http://bit.ly/xJWUb
  20. How to make a bacon-infused cocktail: http://bit.ly/mameg
  21. How to build your self confidence: http://bit.ly/dwZpZ
  22. How to beat writer’s block: http://bit.ly/3x5kek
  23. How to be funny on a first date: http://bit.ly/m8Dvx
  24. How to be a DJ: http://bit.ly/cfEj4
  25. How to make mac & cheese, mmm: http://bit.ly/Ov8tC
  26. How to use gel liner: http://bit.ly/TrMRD
  27. How to give a presentation: http://bit.ly/12ny4U
  28. How to make a how to video: http://bit.ly/6SKe8
  29. How to do the Windmill: http://bit.ly/RdWO9
  30. How to get watermelon nails: http://bit.ly/czp8n
  31. How to shoot penalty kicks: http://bit.ly/5qREA
  32. How to wrap a gift professionally: http://bit.ly/LhEpU
  33. How to make your own bicycle crank: http://bit.ly/10fe45
  34. How to make chicken biryani: http://bit.ly/4hqV9R
  35. How to make wine: http://bit.ly/tdafs
  36. How to draw a “realistic” manga face: http://bit.ly/108hUx
  37. How to understand integrals: http://bit.ly/Bzc6B
  38. How to look sharp for a job interview: http://bit.ly/hksI0
  39. How to play violin – lesson one: http://bit.ly/2DnJDh
  40. How to properly chop vegetables: http://bit.ly/1dq9I4
  41. How to make a camisole in one minute: http://bit.ly/rLNCx
  42. How to grow strawberries indoors: http://bit.ly/Mo5bz
  43. How to shave: http://bit.ly/3kv7IE
  44. How to crack a coconut: http://bit.ly/3XTfvw
  45. How to buy a house: http://bit.ly/RSVng
  46. How to make Rigatoni Carbonara: http://bit.ly/MsK57
  47. How to make a BristleBot: http://bit.ly/unPlZ
  48. How to do makeup for small eyes: http://bit.ly/1McfOw
  49. How to make a custom beer pong table: http://bit.ly/1D5n2i
  50. How to fuse plastic grocery bags into a reusable shopping bag: http://bit.ly/1eS6zf
  51. How to fold a fitted sheet: http://bit.ly/4kxbJI
  52. How to save money: http://bit.ly/3sd0u6
  53. How to improve your memory: http://bit.ly/eCILa
  54. How to sew a dress: http://bit.ly/13xkKx
  55. How to backflip: http://bit.ly/1Awqto
  56. How to curl hair: http://bit.ly/WpwdS
  57. How to recycle beer bottles with limes: http://bit.ly/1z8yM8
  58. How to hem pants: http://bit.ly/k7sW3
  59. How to make a green screen: http://bit.ly/pPtJW
  60. How to polish shoes: http://bit.ly/45dXNu
  61. How to repair a bicycle puncture: http://bit.ly/ocqzX
  62. How to make kimchi: http://bit.ly/3kFvLs
  63. How to recycle used computers http://bit.ly/3SkN6a
  64. How to make veggie sushi: http://bit.ly/oE6tZ
  65. How to record better webcam videos: http://bit.ly/2rbn5E
  66. How to speak French – meeting and greeting: http://bit.ly/OTfiU
  67. How to make a “Where the Wild Things Are” Halloween costume: http://bit.ly/28qjv1
  68. How to do yoga: http://bit.ly/1cGeeW
  69. How to cook Cola BBQ pork chops: http://bit.ly/3eWonX
  70. How to deliver a baby in an emergency: http://bit.ly/469fc5
  71. How to melt away pounds: http://bit.ly/2BW8BE
  72. How to wear different types of scarves: http://bit.ly/2sGH8s
  73. How to Casper: http://bit.ly/1WwYHI
  74. How to fold origami: http://bit.ly/1Q9T84
  75. How to do self-defense when confronted with a gun: http://bit.ly/2l47Fz
  76. How to make a camisole in one minute: http://bit.ly/rLNCx
  77. How to make ramen noodles: http://bit.ly/16JKhC
  78. How to care for a pet shark: http://bit.ly/1is544
  79. How to apply fake eyelashes: http://bit.ly/2AvRV3
  80. How to make a card: http://bit.ly/2M8YaO
  81. How to make simple, delicious compound butters: http://bit.ly/Q2USo
  82. How to dye your clothes: http://bit.ly/4nkbEZ
  83. How to transform a boring school uniform: http://bit.ly/49P2I5
  84. How to plant a vegetable garden in 30 minutes: http://bit.ly/1qdPEn
  85. How to solder copper pipe: http://bit.ly/3Fsit2
  86. How to make an upholstered headboard: http://bit.ly/iCh9a
  87. How to dress appropriately (according to Tim Gunn): http://bit.ly/2Jjiux
  88. How to make sage risotto (as taught by a kid): http://bit.ly/27jyEd

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